Vehicle design

Vehicles of  interest & my thoughts

The idea i have for this page is to have a page where i can put Vehicle images that i find interesting of have interesting design qualities about them. Really it helps me nut out the types of forms and designs i find most interesting to me. That way i can start to interpret the forms and express them in my own designs… That and its a good way to help boost my creative juices too.

Mazda-  KAAN


To start off my i thought it would be a good idea to really look at the far reaching future designs. This Mazda competition really shows that there are really no boundaries to what you can imagine in the future. I like this type of concpet. It draws on great ideas. The vehicle looks like a future F1 car. Low slung and curvy looking. The use of colour helps to accentuate the motion of speed with the vehicle. And the use oc composite materials add that WOW factor and make it similar to that of a modern F1 car of today. I like where Mazdas head is at in terms of pushing the conventional design therory.

However the top image tends to make the vehicle look a little mis proportionaed and not as grand as it does from a side or 1/4 view. Hum interesting?



Also i lke the design imitate life features of the body work. Very organic. Perhaps biomimicry in its form. I love the idea of an open wheeled vehicle. It screams out “Race car of the future” Very sculptural. And the idea that the motors are in the wheels is quiet an interesting design feature. I like this image. Its odd looking but in a good way!

Ferrar 599XX

Ferrari has released a new set of official images of its 599XX, the racetrack-edition sportscar based on the 599 GTB Fiorano. The photos show all the aerodynamic modifications of the bodywork- mostly made of composites and carbon-fibre – and the extremely lowered suspensions

I have always loved the pure indulgence of the form work of a Ferrari. However this got my attention! Similar to  GT these days Ferrari has taken on the more dynamic shapes as well. However they seem to make

Opel Flextreme

I love the idea that you can drive your car closer to the destination and then choose to ride or use a Segway to commute the rest of the way! The form its self is a little bland and not really interesting but the design is quiet interesting. Maybe instead of a segway the actual car could break apart and the driver could take different marts of the car for the different people wanting to use it!

Saab AeroX

From every angle this car looks amazing. the main interest i found was the opening canopy roof design. This ads an otherwise no existent element to the concept. While the clean flowing lines compliment the vehicle superbly. Brilliant piece of art work i feel. The Taco to me has a feel that your flying a Jet aircraft with all the numbers and cross hairs in the window. Its such a fun car to look at!


The thing i love about the GINA is not so much the form, but the attempt to re create the human expression “Form” through a vehicle. A form that can change like or expressions changes in our own facial movements. Its such a cool concept that really shows some of the adverse possibilities that future cars could become. I love the Lights “Eyes” open and close sequence. Im not sure how good it would do in a crash but the posibilities could be endless with this type of concept.

NASA Concept

Pininfarina’s “Nido” Concept Car

This was such a laugh but then they were serious! Not really to interesting in the form side of it! however interesting in the different use of suspension techniques.

A Futuristic Sketch

BMW Student Concept

I like this style of vehicle. Its so fresh in terms of vehicle form. There is nothing quiet like it! there is a new approach to how the door opens which adds to the originality of the design. It looks sophisticated and solid!However talk about a major blind spot! those A & B pillars are huge!


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