Inspirations of design

This page is set up to post images of interesting designs that are not automotive.

Some of the types of things i will add up here are:

Product design ( Of an Aspirational nature)

Eco Design & Innovation

Architecture & Interior design


Nautical & Aero space



And all things design ( Interesting )

The idea is to help direct the vehicle design process by these inspired images. This will later down the track help me put together a Product or Brand Essence board to help plot out a target audience the vehicle will be used for. As well as help draw inspiration for the design process stage… To get the creative juices flowing!

To start it of:

A bit of Art to start


To sit back and take in the image kinda makes you happy! When i look at the image, What i like most is the idea of paint or waters (Liquid) natural ability to be unpredictable. The forms that the flowing paint display are very interesting. The vibrant colours help as well. While also the subtile hint of the naked curves of the womens body masked in the paimt. Its an interesting piece of art that caught my eye the minute i looked at it.

I like the idea of water as a natural form!

Future Cities

I thought id put these Matte Paintings of what is passable in the future! these images really help motivate the mind when thinking in terms of future cities, future landscapes and how we could design a car to fit these possibilities. Its great!

Habitat 2020_ Future smart living Architecture

a future forward example of biomimetic architecture that fuses high-tech ideas with basic cellular functions to create ‘living’ structures that operate like natural organisms. This nature-inspired approach to city living looks at the urban landscape as a dynamic and ever-evolving ecosystem. Within this cityscape, buildings open, close, breathe and adapt according to their environment.

The Habitat 2020 building is envisioned for China, and radically alters our perception of a structure’s surface. The exterior has been designed as a living skin, rather than a system of inert materials used only for construction and protection. The skin behaves like a membrane which serves as a connection between the exterior and interior of the habitat.

Old with the “NEW”

Something that catches my imagination is the unique mix between old objects and having a new object joined on top of! Its something that seems to happen quiet a bit in modern architecture. Perhaps this could be a way to bring the old vehicle styles into new concept designs??


WOW! this is amazing the detail withing the flower! Iv always thought of having or incorporating a theme into the design of the vehicle! Nature or some type of theme. at this stage i haven’l set a specific theme of direction but Nature would be a fun concept to play with… Ill think about this one!

Also another type of theme thats interesting

Mathematical Patterns!

Algebra patterns

The idea that crunching numbers could lead to an interesting shape! this was an idea i had last year and it would be interesting once again when creating a theme for the type of style or form of the vehicle. The patterns are created by a complex system of data! Or math calculations intern giving you a unique patter of form! There is software the can help in this type of study! But at this stage its just an interest

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