Technology – Aluminium Space Frame chassis.

11 05 2009

AutoZine Technical School – Chassis

Aluminum Space Frame chassis. Developed in conjunction with US aluminium maker Alcoa, ASF is intended to replace conventional steel monocoque mainly for the benefit of lightness.Audi claimed A8’s ASF is 40% lighter yet 40% stiffer than contemporary steel monocoque. This enable the 4WD-equipped A8 to be lighter than BMW 740i.

SF consists of extruded aluminum sections, vacuum die cast components and aluminum sheets of different thicknesses. They all are made of high-strength aluminum alloy. At the highly stressed corners and joints, extruded sections are connected by complex aluminum die casting (nodes).

Body-in-white and closure breakdown pictorial of the 2002 Audi A8.

Advantage: Lighter than steel monocoque. As space efficient as it.

Disadvantage: Still expensive for mass production. Mainly only high end vehicle use this technique of chassis due to its high level of skill and tricky production needed.

Who use it ? Mainly the high end performance vehicle brands use this type of chassis. Audi, BMW, Mercedes etc




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1 06 2009
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