7 05 2009

Google Image Result for http://go635254.s3.amazonaws.com/gas2/files/2008/12/michelin_active_wheel.jpg

Imagine a car where the motor, transmission, drivelines exhaust, suspension, and brakes are all inside the wheels. Okay, that’s impossible. But what if there were no need for a transmission, drivelines, and exhaust? Could you put the motor and the suspension inside the wheel? Michelin did.

The entire unit bolts to the car and needs nothing but a brake line and electric connector to enable all its components.

This invention has HUGE potential! It could be used on EVs, Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles, or even hybrids (at least a Chevy Volt type hybrid). It could be used in two or four-wheel-drive, and front or rear-wheel-drive configurations. Car designs could change drastically because the usual space set aside for drive train components could be used for other things.




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