Technology – The Chorus Meshcon Motor

6 05 2009

A Multi-Phase AC induction motor

Chorus™ for Cars


Series hybrids use a single-speed engine to power an alternator used to supply electricity to the electric motor directly or via the battery. With a Chorus drive, these systems can use a small radiator (just for the highly efficient single-speed engine) and avoid the need for a transmission.


The benefits of series hybrids include tremendous simplicity, even when compared to a conventional vehicle. This means lower design costs, easier manufacturing and easier servicing. They also offer fuel efficiency that can rival any technology but pure electrics.

Drawbacks & Challenges

The drawbacks of series hybrids include the need for larger batteries than a conventional vehicle. In addition, series hybrids ready to enter the mainstream do not exist due to constraints Chorus Meshcon can mitigate.

How Chorus Can Help

Chorus can make series hybrids a reality. We can offer drive systems with:

While any vehicle would benefit from major advances in battery technology, Chorus Meshcon series hybrids do not require them to be serious contenders in the marketplace.

Chorus Meshcon Motor on heavy aircraft

The proprietary WheelTug technology is designed to allow airplanes to taxi without using their main engines, saving expensive jet fuel, maintenance costs, and reducing harmful emissions. The technology consists of special high-torque AC electric motors in the nosewheel hub that can drive the aircraft without the need for external tugs.




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