Technology – Power-split or series-parallel hybrid

6 05 2009

Hybrid vehicle drivetrain – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Power-split hybrid or series-parallel hybrid systems have features of both series and parallel hybrids. They incorporate power-split devices allowing for power paths from the engine to the wheels that can be either mechanical or electrical. The main principle behind this system is the decoupling of the power supplied by the engine (or other primary source) from the power demanded by the driver.

A combustion engine’s torque is minimal at lower RPMs and, in a conventional vehicle, a larger engine is necessary for acceleration from standstill. The larger engine, however, has more power than needed for steady speed cruising. An electric motor, on the other hand, exhibits maximum torque at standstill and is well-suited to complement the engine’s torque deficiency at low RPMs. In a power-split hybrid, a smaller, less flexible, and highly efficient engine can be used.

Parallel hybrid

Series hybrid

Power-split or series-parallel hybrid




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