Research – Vehicle Aesthetics Survey Results.

15 04 2009


Peoples thoughts in more detail. Documented through the Vehicle Aesthetics survey that was conducted over the past 2 weeks.


Explain your opinion on the visual characteristics (Style) of each vehicle, together with the design features that you feel contributed to there appeal?

These are some of the defining characteristics that the females interviewed gave based on the above criteria:

Holden Commodore VE

-Sporty appeal with a European style to it.
-Simple flowing lines.
-Strong looking car, powerful yet with a practicality to it.
-Hot looking. The status symbol a female thought toward the Commodore was the vehicle looks hot, there for a hot guy must be driving it.
-Females found that the vehicle had the style factor yet served its purpose as a good all round family cars.

-Some females where deterred due to the brand.

Note: I think in the instance of interviewing people on vehicles they see around them. The response is slightly miss represented due to the fact that they have driven or seen the vehicle close up. Because it’s a car that they feel familiar with so it tends to be preferred higher.

Lamborghini Gallardo

-Sleek, clean lines,
-Very sexy looking shape,
-Fast and classy, Race car look,
-The style and shape creates a status symbol. The owner must have lots money.
-Interesting use of materials. The large air intakes make the car look exciting.
-Typical boys toy yet liked by the majority.

Vw Passat

-European class styling.
-Expensive looking
-Wealthy status symbol.
-Elegant style, Looks high quality with really nice exterior trim finishes.
-Solid and reliable looking.
-Simplicity, which makes it appealing
-Classy yet can be used as a good all round family car.

Little grandpa-ish. For an older person but still nice to look at.

This vehicle seemed to share the same characteristics as the Holden commodore and the falcon in what females thought of the shape and what they liked.

Ford Falcon

-Simple design similar to the VW Passat
-Solid reliable looking.
-Refined style. Sharpe headlights and overall lines.
-Females found that the vehicle had the style factor yet served its purpose as a good all round family cars.

-Not as aggressive looking as the Holden, Yet looks a bit more refined.
-Some liked the over all style of the vehicle but were deterred due to the brand.
-Some of the things disliked where the front grill and garnish was to blingy.
1968 Holden Monaro

-An oldie but a goody
-Still looks like a performance car
-Strong presence. Vintage with a strong energy about it.
-The classic shape was liked. Simple and much liked
-The 2 door factor was much like to. That strong sports coupe design.
-Simple design with a hint of details with those side cut grills.

-Some shared no real interest in it. It looks as if it will fall apart.
Out dated, No real safety features

1954 Jaguar XK 120

-Classic style, much more individual than the other vehicles.
-Un-usual long flowing shapes
-Large curvy feminine lines.
-Long sleek look, Craftsmanship in the interior leather (Seats).
-The style represents speed similar to the Jag (Panther) badge.

-Some females didn’t like the long bonnet. And the large round look.
-Also its age deterred people from choosing it.

Toyota Yaris

-People purchasing the vehicle would like its size, For round the town driving.
-Compact and agile
-Cute Girlie styling, for a younger female market.
-Nice simple lines.
-Cost affordable.
-Petite and feminine,

-To bubbly, And a bit to girlie.
-A feeling that it’s not safe due to its small size.
-To small with the front angled too much.

Toyota Prius Hybrid

-The long sloping bonnet inline with the roof give an interesting shape to the car.
-The wide bonnet and large grill makes it look good.
-The thought of an Eco friendly vehicle appeals to me.
-The lines are simple but its to wired looking.
-Clean lines but much to boring.

-Hideously ugly. The entire vehicle looks so elongated and unusual.
-Not cool to drive Looks like an alien.
-To many of the hybrids from different brand all follow the same looking design. Not interesting at all. Very boring style qualities.

Mazda Taiki

-Cool looking concept but wouldn’t want one.

-To space age for a vehicle that would be driven on the road.
-Much to space ship looking
-To low to the ground. The interior looks to small for people to fit into it.
-To far detached from vehicles of today.

-The back wheel idea was a big issue. People couldn’t understand the reason to it. They felt it just looks out of place. Not quiet finished or something.

– Fast, looks fun.

-To outlandish and loud.
-Looks like a F1 car.
-To over the top, to many chunky bit
-To aggressive and not practical enough
-Looks like the bat mobile
-To crazy with the lines all over the place

This vehicle came in last almost every time. Most females didn’t find much interest in this type of car.


Explain your opinion on the visual characteristics (Style) of each vehicle, together with the design features that you feel contributed to there appeal?

These are some of the defining characteristics that the males interviewed gave based on the above criteria:

Lamborghini Gallardo

-Aggressive, Masculine styling.
-Very expressive and interesting shape.
-Glamorous sexy looking
-Visually balanced for speed.
-Fast flowing lines, Low slung roof with a low center of gravity
-Sexy shape with very sleek lines from the tip of the nose to the grills at the back
-The lights are more aerodynamic and tucked into the car
-The use of other materials. Carbon fiber and the side skirts and spoiler.
-Also the wheels compliment the car.
-Its style is reflected by its rarity. You don’t see many so its sort after.
-It’s an image/social symbol that males like.
-Something that you would love to own.

Males seemed to prefer this due to its money value as well as its style qualities listed above.

VW Passat

-Refined class and beauty, looks classy.
-Nice simple flowing lines that met perfectly. The shape is executed superbly.
-Smooth styled with a few sporty characteristics like the vents and center grill.
-Expensive looking with a high-end quality factor.
-Conservative, No lines look out of place anywhere on the vehicle.
-Function follows form.
-That perfect mixes of European design and engineering.
-Wealthy look that people can afford.

-Some felt the styling towards the rear of the car looked a little awkward.

1968 Holden Monaro

-Large long bonnet,
-Steep sheer face give it an aggressive look.
-Classic Aussie muscle car appeal, Power combined with character.
-A simple, smooth looking solid car.
-Old school charm, looks fast even for the 60s
-This is a heritage vehicle so passion plays a large roll in the choice of it.

-Some felt it wasn’t retro enough to be perceived as a classic like the Dodge, Mustangs and the Camaros.

Holden Commodore VE

-Masculine looking yet stylish lines.
-Solid all round good-looking car.
-Looks reliable and nice to drive.
-The large flared wheel arches make the car look strong and aggressive.
-Fast looking to drive.
-Clean simple line with a hint of European design.
-Typical blokes car.
-Swept lines yet fairly conservative.

-Looked great when it came out, however the vehicle has aged way to early.
The next face-lift needs to dramatically improve from the current.

Some people chose this vehicle based on its heritage and is an Aussie icon.


-Very, very aggressive shape
-Fun looking race car / go kart shape.
-Holds that fast F1 look that is liked by the male audience.
-Feel of speed and power.
-Very agile and looks as if you could through it around corners without it losing control.
-Looks like stacks of fun, But not very safe if you were on the road with it.
-Nice Exxo skeleton look, with its mechanical parts protruding through to give you a look at the performance without having to drive it.
-The extremity and thrill seems high in this vehicle, No roof allowing the wind to explain how fast you are really going.

-The body kit is to confusing. There are to many line and things jutting out all over the place. For no real reason.
-Kind of looks a bit “FAGish” A vehicle for cocks!

Ford Falcon FG

-Stylish long flowing lines rear end lines make it look almost like a coupe packaged with the slender front nose makes it great all over.
-Refined trying to strive away from previous muscle car look to a stylish new look.
-The headlights look like they are actually from a Falcon bird.
-Handsome with a Euro appeal.
-Good looking but its trying to be something its not. To many different bits used from other cars. Not really original to its own brand.
-Like the Commodore and Passat, Looks reliable and solid.

-The lines are a little off and flat in some areas then very round in others.
-A lot of people don’t like the grill on the front. To much grill and to try hard.
-There is some try hard styling, like the swoop in the bottom of the doors and the chrome grill like of the Aston martins.

1954 Jaguar XK 120

Long swooping lines, the shape of the hood and grill make it look expensive.
Classic low sleek flowing curves, this shape paved the way fro vehicles of that era.
Collector car means is much more rare and expensive to own. This relates towards its appeal.
Long bonnet, for large engine.
Feminine curves make the care unique from vehicles of today.

Some found that the form was interesting but the oldness of the car made it less appealing.

Mazda Taiki

-Interesting design language, Form flows with direction like water.
-Crazy interesting shape, Completely expressive in the way its styled.
-More a form of art than a vehicle for the people.
-Nature inspired form I.e. Wind and the waves.
-Stunning looking front like the Furai race car.
-Cool concept but a little to out there

The rear end was again the one feature people didn’t like. Which contributed to where it was placed in preference.
-The rear wheels look like it was a boat on a trailer. Or a yabby
-Little to futuristic for the road

Toyota Yaris

-Dull looking girls car,
-Signifies everything that is wrong with Toyota these days.
-Far to conservative no excitement what so ever.
-Its low cost decreases its over all quality and style.
-People didn’t like how the front dips down so quickly. There is no bonnet.
-No passion its kind of a wasted effort.

-Looks to conservative, Toyota needs to have more fun in the styling department.
-To small and the wheels look tiny.
-Doesn’t feel very safe to drive on large roads.
-Typical chicks car.

Toyota Prius hybrid

-Boring styling, No passion or excitement.
-Good technology but need to be much better embellished with its styling.
-Bland and boring, It has its on unique style.
-Distinctive but not in a good way.
-To boxy, For a vehicle that is meant to be directed at the future vision of vehicle its to bland and not exciting.
-Vehicle looks odd shaped. Triangular roof line.
-This vehicle paved the way for conventional Eco vehicles however now the competitors are making their versions look the same.
-It’s essentially meant to be a revolutionary car but people wouldn’t know by the look of it.




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