Research – Vehicle Activities Survey Results

15 04 2009

The past week an a bit I have been out frantically interviewing people on the street, around my area, in the city, family, friends and people that are willing to help out. Currently at this stage I have collated all the questionnaire information i had found. I am now in the process of placing this very useful information into a statistical formula for me to review and analyze.

Page 3 of the survey is the most interesting. This is focused more at the new technology vehicles and peoples thought on why those vehicles aren’t doing so well. There are also good discussion within the questionnaire that allow people to voice there opinion on there vehicles likes and dislikes.

The results are very interesting. And quite informative.

males & Females -aged-15-24-results

males & Females -aged-25-34-results

males & Females -aged-35-44-results

males & Females -aged-45-54-results

males & Females -aged-55-onwards-results

Vehicle Activities Graphs

Question 4


Question 6





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