Research – Vehicle Aesthetics Survey

14 04 2009

Research Survey

After collating images for my cool wall, I felt the urge to see what others thought on the aesthetics of vehicles. So I created a quick an interesting survey based purely on vehicle attractiveness and what people of all ages & genders thought.

I set out to choose 10 images of vehicles I had been collecting for the cool wall. However where does one start? So I pieced together what I thought where a good broad range of vehicles and listed the key essentials for this.

The vehicles should be:

-Current models that people see and are familiar with.

-Classic, Old school cars.

-Luxury vehicles.

-Concept vehicles and show cars.

-Eco friendly, alternative fuel vehicles.

-Low cost cars.

-Super cars.

I felt this would be a broad range of vehicle aesthetics that I could take to the audience.

Vehicle Aesthetics Survey

This should take about 5 – 10 min approx depending on how detailed your feed back

Vehicle Aesthetics (Style)

Vehicle images


Survey questions

Your Age:

List what you feel is the most attractive starting at 1 in order of Preference:

Most attractive                   1 .

2 .

3 .
4 .
5 .
6 .
7 .
8 .
9 .

Least Attractive              10 .

Explain in brief your opinion on the visual characteristics (Style) of each vehicle, together with the design features that you feel contributed to there appeal. (Note: Explain in the same order you placed there preference I.e. Vehicle1 below being the one you listed as most attractive and Vehicle 2 as the next and so on)














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