Research – The cool wall

8 04 2009

What makes a car cool? There are no single factors to this, Cars are cool for a diverse reason. As a common rule tastelessness and dullness is a good way to not be cool, Today’s car makers seem to be constantly trying to out-bland one other, yes they make interesting concept cars however this seems to be filtered out when producing the production equivalent. Sure manufacturing and cost are the main reason for this but why can good-looking vehicles be made even if they need to be produced cheap! On an aesthetics basis good looking sells.

If you reflect on the past cars were all different and much more individual they expressed designed with flair, today that just isn’t the case. They often blame this on cost, manufacturing abilities and other factors but it’s really down to a lack of vision and bravery. Carmakers just see another car company doing well so they copy them, simple as that. For example a few years ago the SUV market was low but these days every carmaker is trying to create there own versions flooding the market, that’s a lesson on how to make a cool brand instantly uncool!




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